Living well, sustainably, together

Atamai Village is designed to provide an enduring community for at least 200 people. Villagers will live in privately owned homes, and enjoy the benefits of a large common area jointly managed to enhance physical and social resilience. What is Atamai?

Atamai is specifically designed to deal with the impacts of climate change, energy descent and the economic and social challenges that are likely to follow. Why build a village?

Is Atamai Village for You?

Atamai Village is a special place where the sense of community, and our relationship with natural systems, is at least as important as the quality of the individual homes. It is not just another subdivision with a fancy name.


We believe villages like Atamai will be the settlements of the future. But everyone may not be ready for the transition to this new way of traditional living just yet.

Are you ready?

Deciding to be part of Atamai Village is a major decision and should only be made after careful consideration and, importantly, a visit. To help determine whether Atamai Village might be a good fit for your family, we suggest you discuss the following issues with all family members.

Use our checklist to see if Atamai is a good fit for your family

Permaculture designed for resilience

The entire village, as well as individual house sites, are designed on permaculture principles to enhance both the physical and social resilience of the Atamai community.

Atamai will have a residential area, a food production area, a forestry area and recreational areas. the Atamai Village map.


Sections now for sale

We have sections ready for sale and developed common lands available for use by residents. Read More

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Motueka, New Zealand

Motueka River by flickr user freakalad

Atamai is within biking distance of Motueka, on the top of NZ's South Island, and less and an hour's drive from Nelson and Richmond. The area enjoys a temperate climate with annual rainfall of approximately 1000mm. Motueka is a coastal town within Tasman Bay and is surrounded by two national parks. More about Motueka

Find out more about our community and vision

More than just Infrastructure

We maintain a seperate community website operated by the villagers who live and work in Atamai Village.

Visit the Atamai Village Community Website to find out more about what we've been up to and what our vision is beyond the physical development of the village.

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